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The district headquarter is situated in Sonepat. Other smaller towns are Gohana, Ganaur, Murthal and Rai. The total area of Sonepat district is 2,260 sq km and its population is 10,64,000. Sonepat is bordered by the states of Delhi and Uttar Pradesh as well as the districts of Rohtak, Jind and Panipat. The River Yamuna runs along the eastern boundary of the district.

District Sonepat comprises of 3 sub-divisions namely Ganaur, Sonepat and Gohana and seven blocks (Ganaur, Sonepat, Rai, Kharkhoda, Gohana, Kathura and Mundlana) has been carved out of Rohtak and made a full fledged district on 22 December 1972. Sonepat is the largest tehsil followed by Gohana.

Map of Sonepat district, HaryanaMain water system in the district comprises of River Yamuna and the irrigation canals flowing out of it. There is no perennial river in the district. The underground water resources differ from area to area. The depth of the water table is the lowest in the Khader area along the Yamuna, where it is below 10 ft. It increases to 30 to 40 ft. in some of the western and south eastern part of the district. The ground water in some areas is saline and brackish. The ground water conditions indicate that the district faces the problem of occurrence of brackish water and water logging in eastern parts of the district.Broadly speaking, the district is a continuous part of the Haryana-Punjab plain, but the area is not leveled in some parts. Over most of the district, the soil is fine loam of rich color. However, some areas has sandy soil and others are comprised of Kallar. The plain has a gradual slope to the south and east. The district may be roughly divided into three regions:

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